Why Test Automation Fails: Test Design and Implementation Tips

THURSDAY, November 18th at 9 AM PST 1 hour

Test automation done right can reduce labor, lower human errors, and speed up software delivery. Too often, automation projects don’t live up to their promised benefits. We will review common reasons why test automation fails and offer some design and implementation tips to get your projects back on track.


We’ll also offer some best practices for building test strategies and designing stable end-to-end tests. Using real customer examples, we’ll illustrate how to solve these challenges with Testim.

Why Test Automation Fails lp@2x

What You'll Learn

  • Best practices in test automation to keep your project on track
  • Enabling continuous testing in your CI/CD
  • How AI/ML helps simplify test automation
  • Features to help you keep control of your project as you scale

Your hosts


Ian Flanagan

Solutions Architect, Testim



Shawn Jaques

Moderator, Testim


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