Two Perspectives on Solving QA Challenges Featuring Two Sigma IQ and HiBob

Wednesday, July 27th at 9 AM PST 1 hour

There’s little doubt that quality matters to software users. In an age where anyone can write a negative review, bugs can damage your business reputation and ability to attract and retain customers. How do you build quality into your application without adding headcount? Do you create a separate QA team? Do you shift quality onto the responsibility of the developers? 


In this webinar, we will talk to a Product Operations Manager and a Front-End Engineer, Head of quality from two leading technology companies, Two Sigma IQ and HiBob, about their differing approaches to implementing quality processes and tools. Come prepared with your questions and ready to engage as we tap into the expertise of our panelists.

What you'll learn:

  • How Two Sigma IQ and HiBob drive quality into their software.
  • How to choose an approach to quality that fits your organization.
  • How to maximize your QA efforts with the resources you have.

Your hosts

natalie two sigma iq

Natalie Anderson

Product Operations Manager, Two Sigma IQ

eyal hibob

Eyal Shani

Front-End Engineer, Head of quality, HiBob


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