Lightning Talks: Hot Topics From 7 Test Automation Leaders

Tuesday, March 2nd at 10 AM PST 1 hour

Attention spans are short. Look, a squirrel! This month, we are changing it up, covering hot topics in test automation in short, five-minute talks. Test automation leaders from inside and outside the Testim community will be providing insights and recommendations on trending topics like continuous testing, TestOps, and accessibility testing. And, like the good multi-tasking, easily distracted by our phones, socially-distant community we are...where was I going with that? Oh well, tune in and maybe you’ll learn something.   

Lightning talks lp@2x

Your hosts

Shawn Jaques


Shawn Jaques

Director of Product Marketing, Testim

pennytests 2 - Penny Howard@2x

Small Changes for Big Wins

Penny Howard

QA Team Lead, Flex Rental Solutions


Have Your (Accessibility) Cake and Eat It, Too

Erin Hess

Software Quality Lead | Accessibility Advocate, DUZY tv

Manoj Pahuja@2x

Internals of a Pristine Pipeline

Manoj Pahuja

Engineering Lead, Nextdoor

Federico Toledo@2x

Test Code Quality Reviews

Federico Toledo

COO, Abstracta

Jenny Bramble@2x

My Dad's Banned Song

Jenny Bramble

Senior Software Test Engineer, Willowtree


Creating a Test Automation Strategy

Julia Pottinger

Training and Development Manager, QualityWorks Consulting Group


What is TestOps?

Ronit Belson

COO, Testim

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