WEBINAR: Justifying and Realizing a Strong ROI on Test Automation

Tuesday, March 10th at 9AM PST 1 hour

Just because you have budget allocated for a tool doesn’t mean that it will be approved. Management, procurement, or finance often require financial justification at the time of purchase. How do you prove time or cost savings? In the case of test automation tools, how do you measure the benefits of higher quality? This presentation will give you the tools you need to justify your next software investment. While we will focus on test automation, many of the concepts are rooted in finance best practices and will apply to any software investment.


What you will learn:
  • Different financial models and how to apply them
  • Creating linkage to strategic initiatives
  • Costs and benefits of test automation 
  • Key metrics to measure and how to apply them in financial models

Your host


Shawn Jacques

Director of Product Marketing, Testim

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