How to Solve Complex Scenarios in Test Automation

TUESDAY, September 14th at 9 AM PDT 1 hour

As web applications continue to grow, automated testing is necessary to cover the multitude of use cases with speed and accuracy. Yet, traditional test automation tools don’t always help with complex scenarios. Why? The tests are hard to write, take special skills, and often break when developers make minor changes to the app. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the top challenges encountered using traditional test automation tools and how they’re solved easier or even automatically by a modern test automation tool.


Topics to Cover:

  • Faster authoring to accelerate test coverage 
  • Identifying and locking in dynamic elements
  • Handling random pop-up windows
  • Synchronizing tests with the AUT
  • Finding and reusing test components 
  • Customizing tests to handle unique AUT behavior 
  • Quick troubleshooting of failures
  • Scaling your tests, team, and processes
  • Understanding your test results

Your hosts


Ian Flanagan

Solutions Architect, Testim


Shawn Jaques

Director of Product Marketing, Testim


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