2022 Best Practices for Test Automation

Tuesday, January 18th at 9 AM PST 1 hour

Test automation tools, teams, and processes continued to evolve in 2021. Automation tools added new features rapidly, agile teams expanded testing across devs, QAs, and product owners, and teams elevated tests to a first-class status like code. 

Given the rapid changes, how should teams adapt their QA practices to deliver high-quality releases faster? To answer this question, our test automation design team will share some of their learnings from the past year. Join us to learn about best practices for test automation, such as using test status to build trust, prioritizing testing activities, organizing tests effectively, and writing clean tests that are easier to maintain. Tap into the collective knowledge of four experts who work to help software teams deliver quality software every day.


What You'll Learn

  • Using the TestOps dashboard to help you triage work
  • How to improve test stability by writing clean tests that leverage reusable objects, auto-grouping, etc.
  • How to use folders, suites, labels, and plans for different types of tests/runs
  • Using test status to build trust in tests so you can reliably run them in your CI

Your hosts


Hagit Warshavski

Solutions Architect, Testim


Noa Green

Solutions Architect, Testim

Priyanka Headshot

Priyanka Das Gupta

Solutions Architect, Testim


Reut Abercohen

Solutions Architect, Testim


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