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Code tests in your own IDE@2x

Tests-as-Code Next to Your App

Testim is extending its AI-based end-to-end testing platform to enable coded tests. In addition to recording stable codeless tests in Testim, developers can use the Testim Development Kit (TDK) to write or edit coded tests in their IDE. The TDK includes robust APIs, example code and familiar JavaScript syntax so that you can get started quickly. Now you can store, branch, and manage coded tests next to your application code. Finally, you can write tests the way that works best for you and your team.

Code tests in your own IDE@2x
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This beta includes the ability to:

Record and export to code

Write coded tests using Testim's APIs

Run and debug tests from your IDE

Store coded tests in your VCS

See real-time results in the UI

Sync codeless tests to your local file system

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Get early access

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