Testim Talks: Debugging Failed Tests

Wednesday, June 17th at 9AM PST 1 hour

Why does a test fail and what should you do about it? You first need to debug the test to determine the root cause of the failure—was there a bug in the application, or was it something else?
Tests fail for many reasons- such as network delays, dynamic objects, and changes to application code. Debugging can be challenging because sometimes tests break and the error is not where the test failure occured, but several steps earlier. How do you begin to determine where it failed? And more importantly, can you determine WHY the test failed?

Testim -  Debugging
In this webinar we’ll learn an overview of debugging and also get into some advanced approaches: 
  1. Determine what needs to synchronize between your app and your test  
  2. Learn how to see what test data was used
  3. Understand how to debug a loop

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