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Fast and flexible authoring of AI-powered end-to-end tests—built for scale

Your dynamic application needs test automation that keeps pace. Start building stable tests faster with features to scale your team and testing efficiently.

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Fast, flexible authoring. Unmatched stability. Efficiency at scale.

Meet modern UI test automation designed for agile teams.

Expand test coverage

Fast authoring increases coverage and quality across your application.

Reduce maintenance

AI-based stabilizers eliminate flaky tests that consume resources.

Troubleshoot quickly

Diagnose failed tests, pinpointing root cause to fix bugs and release faster.

Scale quality

Efficiently expand testing operations with control, management, and insights.

Run your tests

Run cross-browser tests on our cloud or Selenium-compatible grids.
Integrate with your CI and dev tools to automate test execution and accelerate feedback.

Choose your flow.

Testim seamlessly integrates into your environment so you can do your best work.

CI Tools

  • Jenkins
  • Circleci
  • TeamCity
  • Travis CI
  • GitLab


  • Visual studio
  • Jetbrains

Visual validation & TMS

  • Applitools
  • TestRail

Grid providers

  • browserstack
  • SauceLabs


  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket

Collaboration tools

  • Trello
  • Jira
  • GitHub issues
  • Slack
  • Email

Scale efficiently with TestOps

Agile projects comprise members with different quality roles. Grow your project, tests, and contributors as you move to continuous testing.

Standardize change processes

Ensure your agile team follows Git-like best practices for test changes, using branching (with diffs), read-only master, and pull requests with required reviewers.

Build trust in tests

Organize tests and reusable steps for easy access. Assign test owners to manage workload. Build trust by using test status to establish test reliability and CI readiness.

Data-driven improvements

Measure team and test suite performance and track progress over time. Identify troublesome tests or trend recurring failure types to target process improvements.

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