Test Automation Design and Strategy for Agile Teams

Software Test Automation has been there in one form or other for decades. Organizations had mixed successes with Test Automation even though few have been immensely successful in automating tests as part of their application development process. The benefits to these organizations have been huge in terms of costs, time to market and quality. 

Why is it that many teams are still continuing with their manual tests or struggling as they embark on Test Automation? Can every manual test be automated? How to get started with a Test Automation? What are some of the strategies and best practices? These are some of the questions that we plan to address in the ebook. Including a brief overview on how AI/ML is helping with Test Automation followed by an introduction to Autonomous Testing.

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• Test Automation Best Practices
• Challenges and how to prepare for Test Automation
• Enabling Continuous Testing in your CI/CD through Test Automation
• Best Practices in Test Automation
• How AI/ML is aiding in Test Automation

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