Solving for ROI: Driving Faster Releases with Test Automation

Wednesday, May 18th at 9 AM PST 1 hour

Does your current software testing approach weigh you down? Perhaps, you are falling behind with each software release or, worse, denounced when your flaky test breaks a CI build? You know that you need a better, more modern approach to testing but aren’t sure how to justify the cost. This webinar will cover the benefits of a modern software testing approach showcasing how to utilize AI to create stable tests and create better test coverage. We’ll then discuss how to quantify the costs and benefits and apply some financial tools to help you help justify your next software investment. 

What you'll learn:

  • Different financial models and how to apply them
  • Creating linkage between your work and strategic initiatives
  • Hard and soft costs and benefits of test automation and when to use them 
  • Key metrics to measure and how to apply them in financial models

Your hosts


Shawn Jaques

Director of Product Marketing


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