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Common automation pitfalls and solutions




People often get excited when they hear the word “automation”. It is like a trendy new technology gadget and everyone wants a piece of it at first. But, it quickly loses its charm as teams struggle to come up with a Test Design/Strategy that fits their unique needs. One size does not fit all!!!


This has been an ongoing problem for the past several decades. The main reason for this is, teams do not understand how to implement automation as part of the agile process and integrate it with the CI/CD pipeline. They struggle with different problems such as lack of time and resources, not knowing how to get started, being unaware of the best practices in automation, inability to predict the infrastructure requirements needed to support the automation efforts and much more.

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June 19th
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Philp Lew





Jonathan Lipps

Founding Principal


Raj Subramanian


Developer Evangelist


Come join our expert panel, where they discuss:


  • How test automation fits in the SDLC
  • How automation fits in the CI/CD pipeline
  • How to come up with a good test design/strategy
  • Common pitfalls of automation and how to overcome them
  • The influence of AI in the field of test automation