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Real world uses cases for using ai in enterprise testing


Ai webinar - FINAL-2019


Many innovations have deeply influenced our lives such as smartphones, bitcoin, electric cars, and blockchain. What do all of these things have in common? Software. As technology evolves so does the way we develop and test the software that powers it. AI has become vital in analyzing large amounts of unstructured data. From identifying different patterns and relationships in data, to performing process optimizations and ensuring system works exactly as intended

Join this round table discussion with leading software quality practitioners who have used AI in production to ensure the quality of their software releases. Hear their stories from gaining management buy in to setting budgets and timelines to cultural changes and tool selections. The panel will cover the initial company goals, the reasons for the decisions they made and how they measured the before and after of their AI implementations.

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Date & time
February 7th
9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST



Shawn Knight
Senior Automation Engineer
Raj Subramanian


Developer Evangelist

Angie Jones
Senior Developer Advocate

Come join our expert panel, where they discuss:


  • Challenges that enterprise software teams face in releasing a high quality product

  • Examples of how AI was used to overcome these challenges based on actual implementations

  • Where and when AI can augment Dev and QA initiatives

  • Things you should consider when leveraging AI for your own software quality initiatives